Zelos (YC W20) Is Hiring a Senior Front-End Engineer – Los Angeles / Remote

# About Zelos

Zelos is a rewards program where gamers earn points and redeem in-game prizes across multiple games. When you play your favorite game, simply finish a challenge (e.g. get 3 kills) to earn points and trade in your points for a prize (e.g. a new game or a skin).

We built Zelos because games today focus on monetizing off their most dedicated players (whales). For gamers like us who play multiple games, spending money in each game quickly becomes expensive. When we move to a new game, all the money we spent in the old game is effectively lost.

So we built Zelos for the 55% of gamers who play 2 or more games and they LOVE us. Having launched only 2 months ago, we already have 50K+ weekly active users across 30+ countries.

Zelos graduated from YC W20 and just closed a heavily oversubscribed seed round. We are only a team of 3 and you will be our first frontend/fullstack hire. As such, you can expect great responsibilities, huge opportunities to learn & grow, and of course significant equity.

Being a gaming company, we have a very laid-back and open culture where people care about having fun as much as doing great work. You would be a great fit here if you enjoy playing games and building things.

# About the Job

You will be working very closely with our backend engineers and designers to build amazing UI/UX for our users. As this is a startup with a very small team, we expect the following qualities from you:

– Initiative: you must be able to make decisions independently and be productive even without clear directions. We won’t be micro-managing you and you should thrive because of that.

– Passion: for an early startup like us, passion is what allows us to overcome inevitable setbacks and obstacles. We want someone that appreciates the magnitude of their work and works hard accordingly: if we do this right, we will change the gaming industry forever.

– Playfulness: we are gamers and we care about having fun. We work hard but we are not all about work. To work for us, it’s essential that you enjoy playing games.

# Contact Us

If you are interested, please email us directly at founders@zelos.gg and tell us more about yourself.

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