Professional Development for Crisis Management & Communication Professionals

ICOR’s Crisis Management and Communication education and credentialing programs are designed for management responsible for leading an organization during a crisis, public sector personnel, professional communicators, and those in public affairs or public relations.

Crises may emerge as a result of inadequately managed incidents that are allowed to escalate in scale, duration and impact. They may also be the product of multiple incidents that present new types and compound levels of risk. For all of these, crisis management is essentially and primarily a strategic function.

The communications element of this discipline focuses on the strategies, key messages and communications with the varied audiences and interested parties of the organization.

CMC 5000: Crisis Management & Communication Professional (CMCP)

Understanding the elements of crisis management and communications is crucial to adapting and responding appropriately when faced with managing an incident.

The Crisis Management and Communications Professional course teaches useful strategies and techniques for analyzing situations and making difficult decisions with limited time, information, and resources while incident and leading teams.

The course includes the ICOR certification exam and certification as a CMCP.

Offered as a 3-day instructor-led, elearning, and self-study course book.

CMC 2050: Crisis Communication Planner

Understanding the elements of communicating during a crisis or incident is an essential planning component for every organization.

This course provides valuable information on how to protect an organization’s reputation, the role of the spokesperson(s), message development, how to write the communications plan, and includes a crisis communication plan template.

Course includes ANSI accredited exam for Crisis Communication Planner certificate.

Offered as a 2-day instructor led, blended learning, and self-study course books.

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