Pashi (YC W20) is hiring a mobile web app developer in India

Pashi (YC W20), which builds software for manufacturing, is hiring an India-based developer with experience building both the frontend (HTML, CSS, and JS) and backend (experience writing Go preferred but not essential) for mobile web apps (applications accessed through mobile browsers).

The ideal candidate will be comfortable being granted significant autonomy to build functioning first versions of self-contained mobile web apps based on high-level specifications, including making both technical architecture and UX design choices, within days to weeks.

The position will be remote for now, but may become in-person at Pashi’s office in either Mumbai, Pune, or Bangalore around February of 2021.

To apply, please email soham at pashi dot com with the subject line “Mobile Web App Dev”, if possible with a link to a deployed instance, code repository, or video of a relevant work sample.

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