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ISC | Open source software developer, Kea DHCP, Stork GUI | Full-time | REMOTE|

We are a small, friendly non-profit dedicated to providing open source software and network services to support the Internet infrastructure. ISC ( has been around since 1994, and while we may be best-known for the BIND dns server, we also maintain the most widely used dhcp software for *nix systems (dhcpd).

This engineer will be a core part of ISC’s DHCP development team and will be developing new features as well as maintaining the existing code base.

Kea is a popular open source DHCP server for Unix/Linux used by Internet service providers and enterprises. Kea has a rich RESTful api and a command-line interface. Stork is an easy-to-use graphical management tool that enables the operator to visualize the status of one or more Kea or BIND servers. Today Stork is limited to monitoring the servers, but we plan to add configuration tools to make our dhcp server even easier to deploy and manage. Helping in this area will be the primary area of responsibility for this position.

Most of the software developed will be open source, with some limited proprietary extensions possible. The code developed will be available publicly on ISC’s GitLab ( and on GitHub.

The technologies used in Stork: Go, Angular, Docker
The technologies used in Kea are: C++11, Boost, STL, MySQL, PostgreSQL

For more details and to apply see:…

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