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SEEKING WORK | San Diego, CA | Remote

Hey! I’m an infrastructure/platform engineer with a focus on healthcare and HIPAA (AWS, GCP) compliance for container orchestrated applications.

My past was in building HIPAA compliant mobile applications for physicians, and automating them in AWS with CI/CD pipelines using Terraform and CFN (ECS & EKS, App Engine and some GKE).

I make difficult things easy and easy things automated, since I come from a startup background.

  Skills: React Native | Terraform | Swift | NodeJS | AWS | Docker | Kubernetes | Envoy proxy | Istio 

  Languages: TypeScript/Node | Python | Swift 

  IaaC: Terraform, CDK, good with Envoy and Istio setup and configs

  Cloud: GCP/AWS, specifically container orchestration platforms and developing CI/CD pipelines for them (EKS,ECS, etc.)

AWS certified, if it matters

  Email: stephen at lizcano dot dev
  Website: lizcano dot dev

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