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Location: Bulgaria

Remote: possible

Willing to relocate: depends

python, javascript/react/html/css graphql sql c++ c java sh perl make linux.. for 3 to 30+ years.. and dozens others from prolog and android down to SoC and assemblers. On meta-level – architecture, methodology, culture and related.

Résumé/CV: without last gig:

Email: az at svilendobrev point com

About: Making software for 30+ years, on a few continents.. and you know what, the interesting part is the people. And languages and friendships made in the process. Been everything not-marketing-related, in many domains, usually with many hats at the same time, always hands-on (last few years – CTO +architect +coder +methodologist +mentor, in startup.. Mostly because of the mentorshop). Made quite a few domain/task languages. Taught 60-70 people python. Mentored a few teams (one in Ericsson). Turned a few people into very good programmers-and-persons. Consulted a few companies on agile and cultural-health..

So, CTO-ing and consulting and generally making sotware is possible, but i’m mostly interested in mentoring people, a team or more, about programming and life. Max 20-25h/week. Something like playing trainer, within the team and the project.. coding is only the ink of software, made by people, for people.

have fun

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