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Scandit | Zurich, Switzerland & Warsaw, Poland & Tampere, Finland | Full-Time | ONSITE |

At Scandit, we develop real-time computer vision solutions for smartphones, wearables and robots that combine modern machine learning approaches with computer vision.

My team is looking for a Mobile JavaScript Engineer (JavaScript, Cordova, React Native, Titanium):

You will be responsible for our customer-facing mobile JavaScript layer of our core product. Our products are today used on hundreds of millions of Android and iOS devices in their native version, and you will help us bring the same snappy user experience to the web layer on mobile. You will design APIs and create elegant samples to show our customers how easy it is to integrate our leading barcode scanning technology in their own products.

Please apply here:…

We are also looking for a Full-stack Engineer:

You will be responsible for bringing the web experience to a new green-field product we are currently developing. You will work in a cross-functional team with other mobile and machine learning engineers to build a customer-facing web dashboard using an appropriate tech stack as well as design and develop a scalable web API using best practices in Python. With the help of other full-stack engineers at Scandit you will also set up the infrastructure for the product on Google Cloud. You will also integrate the new products with our existing codebases.

Please apply here:…

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