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ESI Group | Software development engineer | San Diego, CA | Full-time | Onsite preferred post-Covid

ESI Group is currently seeking a software development engineer to work in our San Diego office. We are a small team with diverse backgrounds focused on developing desktop software applications in the field of vibro-acoustics simulation. Our clients include NASA, Boeing, Airbus, GM, and Ford.

We are looking for a developer with a Bachelors/Masters degree in the Sciences or Engineering. The successful candidate must have excellent C++ skills. We also use Python, Qt, MFC and CMake to develop our applications. We use GitLab as our version-control platform with continuous-integration, unit testing and package management via Conan, to complete our DevOps toolkit. We create UI wireframes and write product specifications to refine our development requirements. Many of our team members are skilled in numerical methods and high performance computing.

Being a small team, you’ll enjoy a high level of autonomy and the ability to influence new products and features on several levels. You’ll learn from our wealth of pooled knowledge and share your expertise in return. The office setting is casual, and we all enjoy the freedom of flex-time schedules.

Please contact Tracy at with any questions you may have relating to the position or company. Don’t forget to mention HN in the email.

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