New comment by kodadele in "Ask HN: Who wants to be hired? (March 2020)"

Location: Remote, or Italy
Remote: Yes
Willing to relocate: Only towards Italy
Technologies: Python, HTML5, Javascript, CSS3, Hugo, WordPress, Sql

About me: I am a Computer Science and Engineering student at the Polytechnic of Milan, Italy. My interests range from computer graphics, artificial intelligence, operational research, compilers and algorithms in general, to interior design and web development. In my spare time I like to solve challenges on HackerRank, automate by using scripts operations that otherwise I have to do by hand, and at the moment I’m working on the development of my e-commerce with Ruby-on-Rails, and a Home planner with WebGL.
Apart from the IT and programming world, I love crafts, scrapbooking and cardmaking, reading, soccer and photography. I love cycling in nature with my boyfriend and taking pictures of the wonders I meet. I love my family, spending time with them and make them smiling.
I am curious about everything, that is why one of my passions is learning always, both in IT and in life.

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