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Location: Currently in India (+5:30).

Remote: Yes, overlapping with EST and greater.

Experienced remote workers, used to working EST & CET hours.
Technologies: Go, RoR, Node.js, Elixir, Postgres/MySQL, React, Kubernetes, Terraform/CDK, AWS, Native apps in Swift & Kotlin, React Native.

We offer software rescue services.

If you have a high-value project you’ve sunk resources into but you see the finish line slipping away, that’s where we come in.

That could be around performance optimizations, making the software testable, re-architecting in the last minute, getting the software ready for due-diligence, reducing cloud costs etc.

We are all experienced (9+ years each) product engineers (that’s right, no project managers!), and ready to dive into product specs and codebases with a few days notice.

Fixed rate: $150 per hour, with massive discounts for any software to help with COVID-19.

Email: timulusdev at google’s email service dot com

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