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MakersPlace | Full Time | Full-stack Engineer | San Francisco, CA | Onsite or Remote (US only) |

MakersPlace is a premier marketplace to buy and sell digital art. For the first time ever, we enable digital artists to sell verifiably unique and authentic digital creations to their fans and collectors worldwide. We’re growing fast at 30%+ m/m and in the last 6 months have done $2.5M+ in sales volume, and recently auctioned one of the highest selling digital artworks ever:… Our top 250 artists have achieved more financial success on MakersPlace than on any other platform including YouTube, Patreon, Etsy and others.

We’ve raised $2M seed and founded by the first employee of Pinterest, who identified the struggles that digital creators face in protecting and making money from their digital works. We’ve introduced a novel way, using the Ethereum blockchain, to establish verifiable proof of authenticity and scarcity of digital artworks, giving it inherent value to collectors. More details:

Full-stack engineers on our team are responsible for owning large surfaces of our product and systems such as: new discovery features, media processing pipeline, blockchain infrastructure, and more. Our stack includes Python/Django, Celery, Redis, MySQL and Solidity.

Job Description:…

Interested in building the future of digital creativity? Reach me at:

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