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Ericsson (Digital Humans & 3D Presence Team) | Multiple Roles | Santa Clara, Los Angeles, or Remote (US) | Full Time

We’re building a world-class team and 3D human dataset to solve interesting, open problems at the intersection of ML/AI, computer graphics, and XR (AR/VR). Our goal is to enable the 3D future of human, connected experiences.

Some of these problems include:

– Developing (deep) generative models for generating photorealistic 3D humans

– Driving our generated humans with (often imperfect) multi-modal input, in real-time

– Melding petabytes of proprietary data (3D A/V scans) with in-the-wild data to train models on

– Architecting in-house data pipelines & data infrastructure, to support millions of experiments

– Developing a framework for “3DRTC” atop industry-standard protocols (WebRTC, Draco)

– Defining & designing novel 3D user experiences that illuminate the potential of 3D human connection

– Developing production infrastructure and APIs to democratize our tech for the world

We’re looking for contributors across the board:

– Applied Research Scientist:…

– Applied Research Engineer:…

– Senior Software Engineer, ML/AI Infrastructure:…

– Senior Software Engineer, Generalist:…

– Software Engineer, Generalist:…

This team operates with the energy of a startup, but with the backing and impact of a global leader. Join us for the adventure of a lifetime!

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