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Location: Usually Singapore or South East Asia

Remote: Onsite or remote (and willing to time shift)

Willing to relocate: Not at all this time


– Full stack web: “GReaT” stack – Golang on the backend and React/TypeScript on the frontend.

– Backend: Node.js, Express, PostgreSQL, redis, Linux, Kafka, container.

– Machine learning: Python, PyTorch, Computer Vision (ConvNets, ResNets, GANs), NLP (transfer learning, language modeling, Transformers), Pandas (time-series, Random Forest, recsys).

– Cloud: Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud



Email: cedric+hn [at] invictusbyte [dot] com




Hi. I’m Cedric, a software engineer, mentor, ex-startup founder, and T-shaped person with years of experience working on software systems and product engineering. I sometimes organize study groups, contribute to open source, be part of the larger tech community, and mentor junior devs. I started as a full stack engineer after which I got into mobile dev and then moved to machine learning engineering. I did my fellowship at during my mid-career switch in 2017. I have been on 1-year sabbatical learning new skills. I spent 14 months in educational retreat from 2019 to Feb 2020 — 7 months as an Entrepreneur-In-Residence (EIR) at Antler and the rest of the time in code retreat. I’ve written before about my 16 years career in tech:….

In my last role, I created a medical diagnostics SaaS business for physicians. I build a deep learning application using PyTorch (CNN), Golang (APIs, services, gRPC), TypeScript/React (frontend), Apache Beam/Airflow (basic data processing), and many more.

I’m interested in doing more backend engineering in Golang. I’m also down for a new adventure with the right team. I just love learning.

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