New comment by bvanremortele in "Ask HN: Who is hiring? (October 2020)" | REMOTE (EU-based) -2 CET – +2 CET | Senior Frontend Developer | is a collaborative platform that aims to bring together all internal and external stakeholders around the tax function of multinational enterprises. End goal is to achieve higher levels of collaboration, compliance, efficiency, and transparency. makes this happen through version control (git inspired), and a well designed product experience. Tax managers will be able to manage tax compliance, retrieve information, analyse scenarios, gain high level insight, as well as project-manage simple to complex changes and transactions.

We are looking for a Senior Frontend Developer to join our founding team. More information:

Tech stack: React / Typescript / Recoil / Styled components / GraphQL

Remote-first, MacBook Pro and other necessary accessories, Subscriptions to preferred educational platforms and content, Flexible work time & vacation policy, Maternity & Paternity leave, Competitive salary and equity, Budget for any other specific perks you’d like

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