Keeping Up with the Future: More Flexible HA for a More Flexible RDBMS

By Lauren Hawes, DH2i  

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SQL Server on Linux?! I think we all remember learning about that exciting and significant news when the details for SQL Server 2017 were released for the first time. While it was certainly an intuitive move for Microsoft to make, that didn’t detract from the initial surprise.

Since then, Microsoft has remained steadfast in its commitment to platform flexibility, and is continuing to innovate in a big way with the release of SQL Server 2019. For the first time, the industry-leading RDBMS integrates built-in support for big data—leveraging on Hadoop Distributed File System, Spark, and other Microsoft-supported analytics tools.

Microsoft bringing to life this highly flexible and capable RDBMS is only part of the puzzle though. To really utilize the full potential of their offering, organizations need flexible HA that is applicable across their environment.

DxEnterprise Smart Availability fills this gap in several key ways:

    • DH2i’s infrastructure agnostic software allows organizations to manage SQL Server on Windows, Linux, and containers from a single, unified management pane.
    • Windows or Linux clusters do not have to be like-for-like; they can be a mix of any versions, editions, or even different Linux distributions.
    • DH2i’s DxAG add-on is the only technology on the market capable of configuring a highly available SQL Server Availability Group across platforms between Windows and Linux
    • Clusters can be managed and administrated using the DxEnterprise GUI, Windows PowerShell, or our mobile management app, DxMobi.


DH2i’s ultimate roadmap for all of its products has always prioritized infrastructure agnostic software for maximum flexibility. Microsoft’s continuing evolution of its SQL Server RDBMS is playing to the strengths of DH2i like never before, and this trend appears to be continuing indefinitely. If you’d like to see a personalized demo of DxEnterprise Smart Availability on Windows or Linux, you can sign up right here. Feel free to reach out to with any questions you have.

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